Disclosure of Financial Interest 

Disclosure of financial interest when making a presentation at the SOE & DOG Joint Congress 2005 or for the publication of the presentation in SOE & DOG journals.

The SOE and the DOG expect the declaration of financial linkage and maintain that disclosure of financial interest is prudent for the appraisal of published material. Financial linkage as such will not prejudice an author and will not lead to disqualification of a publication or a registered presentation. Delegates and scientific reviewers are the best judges of whether prejudice may exist or if evidence of the manipulation of research results through financial linkage is given. The integrity of all research results will ultimately be strengthened and speculation about probable interests seen in the correct light as a result of these measures.

Category Abbreviation Description of Financial Interest
Product P Financial interest in equipment, process or product presented.
  P c Similar interest in a potential competitor.
Investor I Financial interest in a company or companies supplying equipment, process or product presented.
  I c Similar dependence on a potential competitor.
Employee E Employee of a competitor of an involved company
  E c Employee of an involved company
*Consultant C Commercial payment or support in the last three years in the form of research funds or material in equipment, process or products presented.
  C c Similar payment or support from a potential competitor.
None N No financial interest and no commercial support in the case of the work presented.

*Example of payment or support under categories C and C c:

C 1 or C c 1 1. As recipient of regular benefits (Retainer) (e.g. salaried earner)
C 2 or C c 2 2. Contract payment for research performed
C 3 or C c 3 3. Ad hoc consultation fees
C 4 or C c 4 4. Substantial non-monetary benefits
C 5 or C c 5 5. Contribution to research or research funds
C 6 or C c 6 6. Contribution to travel expenses
C 7 or C c 7 7. Reimbursement of travel expenses for presentations at meetings or courses
C 8 or C c 8 8. Reimbursement of travel expenses for direct consultation

Examples for economic and financial linkage:
  • You have received travel support from a company whose product you have evaluated.
  • A pharmaceutical company has given you an unlimited grant for a study you will present.
  • A company has provided you support for the bio-statistical processing of your results.
  • You have carried out research on behalf of a company.
  • You hold a patent for the described product or you own shares in the company.
  • You own shares or options in a competing company whose products were described in your work.
For all these categories an appropriate code as described above is required.