Scientific Programme - Sunday, 25.9.2005


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Sunday, September 25, 2005
08:30 - 15:30
CE-25-01  The Annual European Professors of Ophthalmology (EUPO) Course on Cornea, Conjunctiva, Refractive Surgery

Hoang-Xuan T. (Paris)
van Rij G. (Rotterdam)
Seitz B. (Erlangen)

Venue: Hall 14.2 (Hall Oslo)


€ 250 before 15 June 2005
€ 300 after 15 June 2005
€ 350 on site
€ 30 per person for EUPO Party on Saturday, 24 September 2005

*incl. coffee and lunch breaks, course documents (handouts)

Participants of EUPO course who wish to attend the SOE & DOG Congress have to pay DOG resident fee.
All congress participants are entitled to attend the EUPO course, but will not receive coffee, lunch, handouts, course documents and certification.


08:30 CE-25-01.01 Bacterial Keratitis
Dart J. (London/UK)

08:55 CE-25-01.02 Herpes Simplex Infections and Herpes Zoster of the Cornea – Diagnosis and Management
Remeijer L. (Rotterdam/NL)

09:20 CE-25-01.03 Fungal and Parasitic Infection of Cornea and Conjunctiva
Klauß V. (München/D)

09:45 CE-25-01.04 Tropical and Chlamidial Infections
Kesteleyn P. (Gent/B)

10:40 CE-25-01.05 Dry Eye and Clinical Disease of the Tear Film, Diagnosis & Management
Baudouin C. (Paris/F)

11:05 CE-25-01.06 Ocular Allergy
Pleyer U. (Berlin/D)

11:30 CE-25-01.07 Ocular Rosacea
Hoang-Xuan T. (Paris/F)

13:30 CE-25-01.08 Present Role of Surface Ablation & PTK
Seiler T. (Zürich/CH)

13:55 CE-25-01.09 LASIK & Microkeratome
Kohnen T. (Frankfurt a. Main/D)

14:20 CE-25-01.10 Quality of vision after Refractive Surgery
Kohnen T. (Frankfurt am Main/D)