Scientific Programme - Sunday, 25.9.2005


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Sunday, September 25, 2005
12:00 - 14:00
F-25-01  *Acri.Tec GmbH (München, Hennigsdorf/D) - Lunch Symposium: Clinical Experiences with innovative Acrylic IOL: PCO Development, optimization of visual acuity, correction of presbyopia

Kammann J. (Dortmund)

Mueller A. J. F. (Augsburg)
Wehner W. (Nürnberg)
Kaymak H. (Sulzbach/Saar)

Venue: Room 42


*Acri.Tec GmbH is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of the most innovative IOL designs. Because sophisticated optic design is offering many new possibilities for IOL development the company wants to demonstrate the variety of intraocular implants available to the modern cataract surgeon. Numerous developments in different areas as minimal invasive cataract surgery (MICS), correction of high hyperopia, treatment of presbyopia as well as astigmatism correction will be presented and discussed.

What options do we have for the optimization of visual acuity?


12:00 F-25-01.01 What options do we have for the optimization of visual acuity?
Kammann J., Dortmund/D

12:15 F-25-01.02 Yellow IOL – a must?
Müller A. J. F., Augsburg/D

12:30 F-25-01.03 PCO development: Modern IOL design and biomaterials
Wehner W., Nuremberg/D

12:45 F-25-01.04 Correction of hyperopia using modern implants
Kaymak H., Sulzbach (Saar)/D